Medicine Hat Flood 2013

 This summer brought some unexpected crazy how things can change overnight. Our family was in Calgary the night flooding started in Calgary, after a series of storms. My husband, knowing the flood waters would be going to Medicine Hat next, packed us up and headed home to start moving what we could up to the topmost level of our home. It was quite the site to see our area as we neared our house...trucks, moving vans, Uhauls, vans, were all filled with household items. I asked a neighbor if it was really going to be that bad, she just said, "Were you here in '95?! This will be worse!" Being new to Medicine Hat of course we hadn't been here, so in a fairly unorganized scramble we cleared out the basement with our children and a few friends, and went to help some others.Although it has been a bit of an unnerving experience, it was so amazing to see the way friends and family and the community have all worked so hard to help us and each other! We are so grateful to everyone who have been helping us!!! There were so many examples of love and self-sacrificing, we are so touched by everyone's kindness!!! I'm sure Medicine Hat and other more severely affected areas, like High River will continue to see this amazing support as the months go by and the clean up and repairs progress! 20130729-150648.jpg20130729-150825.jpg20130729-150914.jpg20130729-150950.jpg20130729-151113.jpg20130729-151139.jpg20130729-151153.jpg20130729-151243.jpg20130729-151326.jpg20130729-151517.jpg20130729-151532.jpg20130729-151659.jpgOn a lighter nice is it to have a brand new Target! ; )