Getting the most value out of your wedding phototography

Scheduling as much time as you reasonably can during your wedding day to have creative formal and informal pictures taken will really add to the variety and value you will have from your wedding photography. Although this may sound like it would be stressful for those who are somewhat "camera shy", I find these times also afford the couple to just enjoy being in the moment during their day, those moments make for some of the most treasured photos! This couple have lots of variety to choose from after scheduling a good amount of time and arranging locations that were uniquely their own.DSC_156620130917-144540.jpg20130917-144645.jpg 20130917-144722.jpg20130917-144739.jpg20130917-144854.jpg20130917-145114.jpg20130917-145150.jpg20130917-145246.jpg20130917-145318.jpg20130917-145339.jpg20130917-145357.jpg20130917-145427.jpg20130917-145445.jpg20130917-145524.jpg20130917-145610.jpg20130917-145643.jpg20130917-145925.jpg20130917-150012.jpg20130917-150053.jpg20130917-150131.jpg20130917-150148.jpg20130917-150205.jpg20130917-150235.jpg20130917-150258.jpg 

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