Why you might want to shoot in raw!

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about shooting in raw at first. That would mean more SD cards, needing more memory space to download to and extra editing work in post.I always had the thinking that you should really just be getting the photos right "in camera" anyway. I have been doing my own raw vs JPEG tests for a while and didn't really see too much need other than the odd photo you feel you need to photoshop make it "amazing".Yes I have been still shooting on raw but still not totally convinced its necessary. However, on the last wedding I shot one particular picture made me more of a believer in always shooting in raw, at least when shooting for clients and in a fast paced scenario. I did have time to shoot a correct exposure in camera of this shot but I thought I would share these to show the difference shooting in raw can make, look how much this photo could be "saved" in Photoshop from being overexposed "in camera".