Why have a Second Shooter?

For years now the trend in wedding photography has been to have a second shooter at your wedding.  Some brides may wonder, why?  As the second shooter for Cristal, I will explain some of the reasons why a second shooter can be such a benefit.One reason is that because there are two of us, we can be in two places at once.  In these images I was able to take photos of the groom getting ready and work just with the groomsmen, while Cristal was is taking photos of the bride and her girls getting ready.

secondshooter 575

secondshooter 578secondshooter 577 (1)A second reason is being able to capture different perspectives.  With the fast pace of a wedding day it's invaluable to be able to catch moments from a different angle and give variety and capture details, while keeping the flow of the day on schedule.secondshooter 579secondshooter 580And finally, I am able to help in ways you may never know.  I love being able to help, and assist my best friend and wife, in making this day as special as possible for the Bride, Groom and their entire family.  Be it helping arrange groups before the formal pictures, or holding a reflector for that perfect light, or running across a construction zone and holding my camera over my head to get this image while she captures another.  Having a second set of eyes, a second set of hands, and a second trained photographer is often the right choice.secondshooter 595Hope you will consider having a second-shooter,Tyler King - Second Shooter for Cristal King Photography