Learning about Social Media

So as some of you already know, I'm a little new to the whole world of social media and how it's instrumental to running a number of businesses now.It's something that I struggled with understanding, not being as tech savvy as my IT husband. He has constantly been telling me I need a web site and to be on social media platforms that link back to my web site to help my SEO...ect, ect. What?! Wow that seems like a lot of work that doesn't have anything to do with taking photos, I thought. Most of it was over my head with the exception of Instagram which I just used to keep up with family and a few friends. I wondered if it was a huge waste of my time too, that might be better spent finding photography work in another way, more face to face, what I'm more comfortable with. I'm a people person not a tech person, but with a little more convincing he has got me on more social media than I can keep up with, just the essentials he says. So week by week I'm setting aside a bit of time to engage with people on these new social platforms and I wanted to share with you a highlight of this experience so far.A couple weeks ago I was driving to pick up my son from work. We had such a beautiful sunset that night and I was wishing I wasn't sitting in a parking lot waiting for my son to get off his shift. While I waited I snapped a few photos of vehicles driving on the highway next to us. I got even more impatient when my son came out and said he needed to go back in for a few things, sunsets don't last forever you know! Thinking the best of it had gone, we started heading home but then decided to just stop by the Saamis Tepee to see if there was just a bit left passed the hill. Unfortunately the time had passed and there were just a few hints of that sunset left, I snapped a couple photos anyway and drove home.It wasn't the most spectacular sunset photo but I still thought it was a fairly iconic Medicine Hat photo and decided to share it with my new found Twitter audience, which is very small I might add :) I used to joke at the fact my husband was on "Twitter" and "tweeting" and thought maybe he'd get "twitterpated" (from Bambi)That's when Kim Johnston noticed the photo and asked to post it to his Facebook account...intro to another social media platform I had still refused to join for fear of wasting time I don't have. Being new to all this social media I thought it was definitely to my advantage to let Kim use the photo as he's a well known and very talented Radio personality in our city that I listen to from MY96 fm, practically a celebrity! :) A lady from Medicine Hat saw the photo on Kim's Facebook page and contacted me through my web site, to purchase a framed print for a farewell gift for a friend moving away. I had the photo printed, framed and sold in less than a week from taking the photo and sharing it, which meant a little income for my family. I am so very thankful for the kindness and encouragement shown on the social media I am on, in support of my photography and am looking forward to growing some good working relationships with those inside and out of our community.So does social media have it's benefits? I'm convinced now, my husband even does less micro managing of me with it. I do still worry about the amount of time I could potentially be using or perhaps wasting on social media, so I've been trying to do my research on how and when to use each of the social media platforms. I think kept in proper balance it can be a very useful tool to help your business grow and in getting to know and help your community.You can now find me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ck1photosInstagram:http://www.instagram.com/cristalkingphotographyFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/ck1photosThis website of course:http://www.ck1photos.comI know!!!! It's a lot to learn! But manageable and beneficial and Pinterest is a whole other obsession :)20140213-143537.jpg