Chris & Crystal

This couple and bridal party were such troopers!!! Just as we were all set for wedding photos the weather had other plans. We all dashed off to Station Coffee Co. on 2nd St downtown here in Medicine Hat, for cup of coffee while we waited out the rain/snow. Many thanks to Station Coffee Co. and their staff for their kind hospitality! This is a good reason for having a back-up location in case of uncooperative weather for your photos! With a little coffee buzz to take the chill off we were off to grab some outdoor photos. This bridal party wasn't afraid of a little mud and cold, and talk about gentlemen taking care of the ladies by sharing their jackets!!! Such a great team to work with!!!Thanks to Plush Salon & Spa for helping the ladies get ready for their day!20140526-122818-44898780.jpg20140526-122819-44899226.jpg20140526-122820-44900026.jpg20140526-122819-44899652.jpg20140526-122821-44901667.jpg20140526-122822-44902048.jpgCK1_1404CK1_1405CK1_1407DSCF2238CK1_1396CK1_1423CK1_1446CK1_1432CK1_1443CK1_1547CK1_1522CK1_1524CK1_1553CK1_1586 - Version 2CK1_1559CK1_1600CK1_1571CK1_1569CK1_1604 - Version 2CK1_1696CK1_1704CK1_1703CK1_1728CK1_1752CK1_1755 - Version 3CK1_1855CK1_1924CK1_1877CK1_1877 (1)CK1_1914CK1_1884 - Version 3CK1_1884CK1_1839CK1_1777 - Version 2CK1_1792CK1_1933CK1_2121 - Version 2CK1_2114CK1_2377 - Version 2CK1_2389CK1_2392 - Version 2