Eryn & Dave's Mini Engagement Session

It was a beautiful evening to go out to this private location for Eryn & Dave's mini engagement session! Eryn's dad loaded us all into his truck and drove us out to this beautiful spot in amidst a field full off bulls. Yes BULLS! A lot of them! I understand why it's a more private location now! Surprisingly the bulls were pretty relaxed and didn't mind us there one bit although my husband was careful not to shine the gold side of the reflector in their direction!Such an easy going, great couple to work with, looking forward to photographing their wedding soon!20140602-103913-38353521.jpg20140602-103950-38390685.jpg20140602-104001-38401436.jpg20140602-104024-38424076.jpg20140602-104142-38502638.jpg20140602-104216-38536282.jpg20140602-104256-38576633.jpg20140602-104302-38582295.jpg20140602-104326-38606923.jpg20140602-104554-38754022.jpg20140602-104601-38761075.jpg20140602-104608-38768020.jpg