Colton & Alanna's Wedding

Yes I'm still trying to catch up on blogging, and I always seem to do it on a very cold day...not a coincidence :) This wedding in Saskatoon, Sk. has been one of my favorite weddings to photograph! My husband and I were living in Saskatoon when we met, dated and married so it was very sentimental to be invited to photograph this wedding in Saskatoon! We loved being able to visit with some family and friends while we were there too so it had a lot of perks!

Believe it or not I had actually babysat Colton when he was a baby! I can't believe I just admitted that, but there it is, yes I am that old! I did have a very early start to my babysitting career ;) I could hardly believe what a handsome, sweet gentleman he turned out to be! I had never met Alanna before so I really appreciated the beautiful engagement video at their reception put together by some very talented friends in Saskatoon! You can check out their engagement video here! You will love it, they are the sweetest! I was beyond thrilled to photograph their wedding! Here are some highlights of their day...

My husband Tyler, also my second shooter, tagged along with the groom and his groomsmen who scheduled time for a clean, hot shave and a little game of pool before the ceremony

...meanwhile over with the bride and her bridesmaids, there was a whole lot of beautiful things this hair!

...and this dress on this bride!!!

And the back of this dress!!!!

And seeing these friendships!

And this, a mother and her daughter on her wedding day, that takes the cake!

Colton was already all smiles just before the ceremony, just wait till he sees his bride!

Is it just me or do fathers look just a little sad the day they give their beautiful daughters away!

Looked like Colton appreciate the sentimentality of the moment too! That and Alanna was soooo beautiful you couldn't help but cry!

They sealed the deal with a kiss and were off to the reception at Circle H Ranch

But first a little fun with the photographer! My favorite part of the day ;) 

and we needed to get the bridal party in on this fun...


A little private time for the Bride & Groom to soak in their new marital status...

some fun with the Bridal Party...

Everyone was such a trooper in the cool November 1st weather too! It was pretty cold out but we're all so happy that the bitter cold and snow just happened to wait one more day!


They play so nice with a photographer don't they?! :)

Time to let them warm up, have supper and enjoy their reception, that is after family formals :)

well ok not all of them NEED to be "formal"

Reception Time! Weren't their flowers amazing!!! Well they would be since Kyla did them!!! She was my maid of honor at my wedding! It was so incredibly good to see her!

This amazing centerpiece light was handmade by the brides brothers, it's the perfect rustic chandelier that I am now convinced I need one in my home!

The wonderful team who put together an amazing meal!

This is when we got to know Colton & Alanna a LOT better :)

and during this part...

and this part...

and during their engagement video that you can watch here

and this was very entertaining as well...

first dances tho...

Still nothing quite like a good old Saskatchewan dance...

Thank you so much for sharing this day with us Colton & Alanna!!!

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