Spring time Vibes in Medicine Hat



This year has been one for the records as far as a beautiful winter goes! I wouldn't really call what we had much of a winter in fact, more like a perpetual spring, with temperatures up to 20C! That might not be that nice for people living much farther south but for someone who grew up most of my life in Saskatchewan, that is great! Here I am being a typical Saskatchewanite by talking about the weather again! I just love that we are having some longer days now, which means more hours of sunlight!!!Putting this beautiful weather to good use and taking advantage of a beautiful afternoon/evening, I snuck out of helping with our bathroom renovation to get some fresh air and took these with my beautiful model at Echodale, just outside of Medicine Hat.We chose a mix of casual and dressy for these photos.  I love the contrast between the elegant long Guess maxi dress and the Demi Lovato Warrior snapback cap and  olive vest from ONLY Blue Behaviour.The light spilling over the top of the hills was magnificent!!! I love this kind of contrast between the light and shadows!"The warrior in her emerged as a pillar of strength as she fought her way out of the shadows of darkness" - Anonymous I thought this spot was also a great contrast between the message of "Warrior" on her hat and this crumbling brick wall. I feel some more inspirational words coming on...No matter what is falling apart around you, you can find a way to be strong...we might be broken but not completely crushed...or something that feels like that :)The Demi Lovato hat got us feeling very inspirational, I think she is better at the inspirational stuff than I am, you can listen to her song Warrior here! :)Hope that whatever you are coping with at the time, you can be strong too!