50th Anniversary party for Marilyn & Norm

Marilyn & Norm - Celebrating 50 years of Marriage


This last weekend my husband and I had the honor of witnessing and photographing the love and friendship that has developed because of this couple's 50 years of marriage and commitment! What a joy to see them with friends and family that have been a part of their life together.  Many of their friends came to reminiscing good times together and celebrate Marilyn & Norm's 50th wedding anniversary at The Carriage House here in Medicine Hat!  What a beautiful example this couple set in our community for those getting married!The love between a married couple is even more beautiful than on their wedding day when it has endured the ups and downs of life and survives the storms...THIS is worth celebrating!!! It's my hope that all the newly married couples we photograph will make it to this point and beyond in their relationship as husband and wife and be able to experience this same kind of happiness that comes from a life of love!Many congratulations on the success in your marriage and your family Marilyn & Norm!!! I can see why your daughters felt so strongly about arranging this lovely event! Thank you to Tannis Emann for contacting me and letting us be a part of capturing these precious memories of celebrating Marilyn & Norm's enduring love!