Tracy & Kyle's Rural Engagement Session


We spent part of this last Saturday afternoon with Tracy & Kyle for their engagement session!

I first met Tracy for her Nurses Graduation at The Medicine Hat College last year and I was thrilled for her and Kyle when she said she was engaged and getting married this fall!!! She wasn’t sure if I remembered her…if you have ever met Tracy, she is one you would remember! She has an infectious (in a good way, not at all in the way that would need to be treated by a nurse, even tho she is a nurse)personality and a smile that can brighten a whole room! She has such a warm personality, it’s no wonder Kyle just needed to have her as his wife! Here’s a little preview of the time we spent together on the Jans farm just outside Medicine Hat, how pretty is it with all the fresh snow falling!!!!


Kyle loves Tracy’s cows so we had to have some photos with them! Rusty had to sneak into a photo too just before spotting a coyote near the cows and chasing after it, that was entertaining, wow can she run!!! I was kind of hoping the cows would be curious and want to come a little closer to Tracy & Kyle but they were more content eating.


We went and explored a little more of their farm yard and I loved how the snow made for a beautiful blank canvas with these hay bales…


The Jans farm has so many great spots, like this one below, that our session flew by! I can’t wait to go back and see how beautiful it is in the fall for wedding photos too!!!


As we were heading back the cows were coming back home for some water, along their cow trail. When I see cows doing the “follow the leader” thing I always wonder if their is an alpha cow, or leader that decides these things…”all right guys that’s enough, we need to go home now, everyone follow me”… 

I thought it would be cool if we could jump out of the truck and let the cows just keep walking past us, but they were much too polite for that, they just stood there waiting till we were out of the way.


We used the step on this old farm truck to take the ring photo, such a sparkler, that wrapped up our rural farmyard engagement session with Tracy & Kyle! Thank you so much for your hospitality and braving the frigid temperature, wind and snow, we had a great time with you both!!!